Ain’t it Wine &the city, if it ain’t Napoli

The days of  the Wine and the city started. It’s an annual wine celebration. It has come to its 7th edition and year after year it managed to get every time more particular and more ambitious. The manifestation, opened its gates just the other day, all round the centre of Naples. The stores, restaurants, boutiques: which are part of this annual ritual are covered in purple. Through the windows of the stores you can see the magic atmosphere of what is going around. It is not just a moment to discover the secrets of particular wines, but it is also a moment to let people gather together. And what is more. It is time to discover new places, new ideas, creations. It is time stop and turn around to see the beauty of what is going around.


Yesterday’s manifestation has been running all over the Chiaia quarter, located in the centre of Naples; fashion, with Nennapop, Roberta Bacarelli, Mario Valentino Boutique, Amina Rubinacci; the Ascensione square covered up with a gypsy style Wedding celebration, which was presented by Marchè Mariage and Escargò by Stefania De Rosa and Valeria Marina Fusco; the “Cambio Vita”, which literally means “Change your life”,  a Bioopen space where you do not need just to buy Bio food, but also an elegant and familiar place where you can sit enjoy breakfast or a branch if you prefer so;

The Renaissance hotel, Hotel Mediterraneo, located in Piazza Municipio, hosted a presentation of different wines, coming from all over the South Italy Region, getting to explore the meaning of what a real “Spumante” is;

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Today’s special events will be again covered all over the city:  there are some very interesting places, where you can enjoy some of the most interesting ideas, creations, cooking and get to know and discover more about the city; this time the Wine and the city celebration will not be running just in the Centre but also at Corso Vittorio Emanuele; today’s day is to discover the art in its artistic meaning. Jewellery creations: @ Paola Grande Gioielli, Alessandra Libonati Jewels, Giovanni Raspini; fashion exposing with: Capua Cashmere, Nennapop, Marella, Merisol, sartoria Dalcuore;

A special event will be covered at Sabina Albano’s store:  Sabina Albano and Antonio Caravno will be presenting a 90’s Gianni Versace collection with Ilan Ranchov, whowill present his creation dedicated to the special genius of fashion. The Impossible wine Bottle Machine will be running in 137A; the multidimension space, that is dedicated to art, creators of beauty will be hosting a very particular event, with a very particular project going on; near by the creative space of photography “Camera 137” will host the Wine and the city event too;

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Through the evening, Gennaro Regina and Michele Del vecchio are hosting the event at Gennaro’s  place: called Voyage Pitturesque factory; the “Vesuvio diVino” will be running all over the place, presenting the best photography og the moment and covered up with delicious wine from the best wine houses you can find in the region.


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