Hospital of San Gennaro dei Poveri

The hospital of San Gennaro dei Poveri is situated in the historical center of the city of Naples, in the Rione Sanità. It  is a hospital of historic and artistic interest of the city; the hospital’s history is closely interwoven with that of the basilica that is inside it, one of San Gennaro outside the walls. The church of the fifth century AD, after the translation of the relics of San Gennaro in Benevento (817-832), fell into disrepair.


This condition lasted until 872, when the bishop Athanasius of Naples, had it restored and attached it to the Benedictine monastery of Saints Gennaro and Agrippino. In the fifteenth century, the entire monastery was abandoned, but in 1468 was reused by Cardinal Oliviero Carafa, who turned it into a hospital for plague victims. After the plague of 1656, the hospital was expanded and was also equipped with a hospice dedicated to Saints Peter and Gennaro, whose statues, the work of Cosimo Fanzago, were exposed to the outside.

Photo by:  Konstantin Mitroshenko
Photo by: Konstantin Mitroshenko

Subsequently, the complex underwent several economic disasters, up to the generous intervention of the king Joachim Murat. The complex is preceded by a double flight of stairs above a hall with frescoes by Agostino Tesauro, coats of arms of the city of Naples, and other special artistic and architectural treasures.

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