The Parish Church of Vettica Maggiore – “S.Gennaro church in Praiano”

The Parish Church of Vettica Maggiore is dedicated to San Gennaro, bishop of Benevento, a martyr in Pozzuoli September 19 305 while that of Diocletian persecution raged. The sacred building, the Renaissance-style basilica with three naves and a Latin cross, has its own regulatory oval dome, polychrome majolica, on the cruise.


It was officially born August 18, 1589, and was built from the ground up on land made ​​available by the demolition of a former church, also dedicated to San Gennaro. The latter was a central plan, a very old tradition, dating back perhaps to the first half of 1200 or even further, but at the time (1589) now in dilapidated state. The same, of private property, belonging to the noble family of the Coast Corsario (the Corsario and D’Alagno enjoyed the patronage until 1859), was elevated to the dignity of a parish church in 1572, the year in which the first LIBER BAPTIZATORUM.



According to the instructions issued by the engineer Matteo Camero the new church was completed in 1602, a date which is reflected in the various moments of the life of parrocchia. Inside on the right aisle unfold the following altars: the altar of the Rosary, with valuable painting mystical and historical canvas, commemorating the battle of Lepanto. The altar of the Holy Family, the altar of the Immaculate Conception with the framework on canvas dated 1747 and signed by GianBattista Lama.

The Chapel of the Sacred Heart, built in 1898 by Domenico Rispoli-Zingone. Follows the altar of St. Bartholomew, and finally the altar of the Annunciation . On the left wind aisle you have the altar of  Carmine framework on panel depicting the Virgin of Carmel in the act of turning the scapular miraculous to the souls in purgatory . The altar of San Gennaro, the altar of Saint Lucia, the altar with a fresco of the Crucifixion scene of Calvary, on which stands a beautiful crucifix, votive gift. The altar of St. Michael the Archangel that over the course of 1600 and 1700, who was the seat of moral and spiritual association of sailors and fishermen.

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